Internal rules:

  1. Terms used in internal rules of procedure (hereinafter - regulations):

1.1. “Bumbu istaba” means the room lessor;

1.2. Premises - spaces located on Maskavas Street 264, Riga, LV-1063;

1.3. Ball pit - the big ball pit with balls;

1.4. Customer - room tenant.

  1. The premises must not be kept with street shoes, the street shoes must be placed in their intended place.
  2. The ball pit can only be entered with socks, changing shoes are left outside the ball pit.
  3. In the ball pit (and at its borders), food (including chewing gum, candy, etc.) and drinks shall be prohibited.
  4. It is prohibited to damage the equipment (including the use of confetti, salute candles and face colors).
  5. Please, especially, don't throw balls out of the pool and don't jump off the edges of the pool.
  6. Children should not be left unattended.
  7. The client takes responsibility for his own personal belongings and assesses the need to take them inside to the ball pit.
  8. “Bumbu istaba” doesn't take responsibility for the lost stuff.
  9. “Bumbu istaba” does not take responsibility for the injuries they have suffered.
  10. The time before (15 minutes) and after the (15 minutes) is intended to settle and clean after party, may be agreed separately for another time, please note the reservation time.
  11. “Bumbu istaba” reserves the right to claim damages for the damage to the room, including food or drinks spills, or if it is possible to repair the damage.
  12. Personal data will not be transferred to third parties and will only be used in the event of a breach of the rules and only to the extent that the “Bumbu istaba” can claim damages. If there is no violation of the rules, personal data is stored for one calendar month and then destroyed.
  13. If, due to obvious circumstances, it is necessary to cancel/transfer the reservation, please report in time to +371 27656109.


  1. Before entering the ball pit: remove all jewellery, remove phones, money and other items from your pockets and place them in another safe place;
  2. Take care of changing clothing for children who use the ball pit intensively;
  3. Contact the available vessels and equipment in advance.